Every cleaning company says the same thing:

“We wash floors, walls and ceilings. We clean blinds and wash windows too!”

So how do you choose a cleaning company?

Quality Control Above All

It’s the way we clean – with our quality control system – that sets us apart from the competition. Gibbons invests a great deal of time improving the way we clean, the way we track our cleaning and the way we report our cleaning results to our clients.

Top-notch Equipment

No company stays in business this long without a commitment to excellence and renewal. We continually invest in new equipment to give you a cleaner clean and better value.

Environmentally Conscious

Gibbons is committed to reducing our footprint on the earth so, whenever possible and in consultation with our customers, we choose ecologically friendly and biodegradable products.

Unblemished Safety Record

You can rest assured that your Gibbons representative has been fully trained and is using the best and safest cleaning practices.


Contact Gibbons to get your custom cleaning quote, at no charge. We look forward to meeting you.


Test our cleaning and decide risk-free. We’ll clean one bathroom and quote for free.

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